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Estate Planning

Our goal is for your estate structure to have a simple approach that allows for efficient and intended management, use, and distribution of your assets during the enjoyment of life and after death.

Our basic philosophy is to keep things simple. A structured estate should be established for estates of any size. Frequently this can be done equally well with either a Will or Trust(s). Be aware that, for the average estate, trusts save some time and some legal costs, but these savings are not so great that a Trust is therefore always the proper choice over a Will.

Although every situation is unique, proper planning can help you achieve objectives such as:

  • Understanding the current status, extent and organization of your assets
  • Achieve a simplified, organized, and productive plan for managing your assets during your life
  • A directive for the management of your assets and your personal care in the event you need assistance
  • Easing the organization and administration of your estate after your death
  • Ensuring that your heirs will receive what you intend them to receive
  • Reducing costs and estate taxes as well as protecting your privacy
  • Protecting family assets and business interests

We consider all options on any estate of any size, advise each client individually of the appropriate estate structure for them, and strive to keep the plan simple and understandable.

There is no cost for initial consultations.